Welcome to a new dimension. In Tiye Eliza, we are the version of ourselves that we want to be and adhere to regardless of societal norms or practices. 

   Tiye Eliza is a handmade urban couture fashion brand. Tiye, designer from Louisville, KY, began sewing after she got injured and could not run on a competitive level. She ran for her school teams and AAU summer traveling teams, where she qualified for the National Junior Olympics (twice.)

   Tiye Eliza began in Louisville, KY in 2014 with our first fashion show dedicated to Anti Bullying Awareness. The first show Tiye did not design the looks, but styled from two local boutiques in Louisville. Tiye upcycled pieces and made her outfit for the night. Tiye has always been “different” in the way she styled clothes and wore clothes. Earthy, edgy, masculine, and modest, was the vibe. The event had a performer and guest speaker from a local chapter of a Suicide Prevention Organization. The show received a lot of praise and Tiye decided to do another one the next year.

   2015 was the year Trayvon Martin was murdered and #BLM was formed. Tiye felt dedicating the second show to BLM was her way of participating within the movement. Tiye wanted to share a joyful evening with black folks, something that we do not always have the privilege. A room full of black business owners, entrepreneurs, creatives, and artists was the goal. Art by Black people for Black people. This was Tiye’s first collection, 17 garments she hand made during her freshman year of college. This show was one of our biggest, over 100 guests, black music artists, spoken word artist, and vendors were all in attendance.

   Tiye felt she was moving within her purpose and went on to coordinate, sew, and host three more #BLM fashion shows in Kentucky. One in Louisville and two in Bowling Green University where she graduated with Honors and majored in Spanish and minored in Citizenship and Social Justice. Tiye lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Oaxaca, Mexico, Heredia, Costa Rica, and New Jersey City, New Jersey during four of her collegiate semesters. 

   Traveling and living in those countries had left an impression on Tiye that trickled into her designs. Tiye picked up and moved from Louisville to Brooklyn in 2019 to seriously pursue and grow Tiye Eliza, three months after graduation (right before pandemic 😷.) In 2020 we debuted our first ever ready to wear collection, Humble. It was a line of designer and luxury fabrics made into furry sweatsuits and two piece pant sets. After that line we had many mask collections. But Tiye truly wanted to host an event. So on September 10th 2021, NYFW 21, Tiye Eliza debuted their first lingerie and loungewear line. 

   We decided to do lingerie and loungewear this time around because Tiye wanted to come out of her shell when it came to design and the pandemic helped push Tiye out of her comfort zone. This line was earthy Astro vibes, a style Tiye has began to hone in on after our ready to wear debut last year. Reviewers will call our brand afrofuturistic as well. 

   Ultimately, we are ready to become a fashion house. Our goal with Tiye Eliza is to create a department store, like Bloomingdale’s, for black luxury brands. From sweat suits to lingerie, makeup to shoes and accessories, Tiye Eliza will be everywhere!

   We will continue creating and we hope that you all keep supporting! If you are looking to create or invest into Tiye Eliza, give us an email! Let’s collaborate and work together to make Tiye Eliza the fashion house it is destined to be! Enjoy your stay here at Tiye Eliza!