Tiye Eliza, Harlem Fashion Week Designer 2022!

Tiye Eliza came out with a bang for Harlem Fashion Week!

We created an urban couture, streetwear vibe for this year’s runway show. We wanted to do streetwear to introduce menswear. Our first menswear looks featured corduroy, sequins, and puffer nylon. For our women, we were really minimalistic, sheer brown mesh with diamonds and sequins bodysuits. It was a good outlet of creativity and we loved creating this collection!

You can preorder some items from this line!


Black & Green Sequins bodysuit and leggings set. Photo by Macintosh Smith. Designer is Tiye Eliza.Sequins and corduroy sweater with corduroy pants to match. Menswear look!Corduroy sweater with reflective olive straps on the sides with woven left over fabric down the right leg.Olive & leopard nylon turned into puffer matching set with reflective green accents.Corduroy backless mini dress with sheer mesh skirt and gathering detail along the back.Sheer mesh matching set with diamonds.Sheer mesh backless drop waist gown with diamonds.